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Swagga Radio™ 94.1, 97.9, 105.9 & 970am




Contact Information:

181 East Evans Street, Suite 311
Florence, SC 29506
(Office) 843-667-4600
(Fax) 843-673-7390


General Administration:

Market Manager: Craig Dalla Riva
@ 843.667.4600 x315

Advertising & Sales:

Director of Sales: Sherry Miller
@ 843-667-4600 ext 331

Qantum of Florence Serving the Pee Dee

Qantum of Florence, LLC. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Company.

EEO Info / EEO Letter

As required by the Federal Communications Commission, Qantum has adopted a non-discrimination policy with respect to the sale and placement of advertising placed on its stations. Pursuant to that policy, Qantum's advertising contracts now include a provision advising that, at a minimum, Qantum does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity in the sale, placement, or scheduling of advertising. The policy further states that Any order for advertising that includes any such restriction will not be accepted. The FCC issued an Enforcement Advisory on March 22, 2011, that requires each station to exercise due diligence to ensure that advertising agreements used by third parties in their sales of advertising on the station's behalf include such a non-discrimination clause and to further ensure that the third party does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity. We assume and expect that Katz includes the requisite non-discrimination provision in its agreements and does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity in its advertising practices. If these assumptions are incorrect, please let us know.